Creative Real-estate Developments built with strategic partnerships.

With more than 20 years of experience, Orion Development Partners is a real estate development and acquisitions company with a focus on creative financing and subsidization through tax credit programs such as HTC, LIHTC, PACE, NMTC. Our main sectors include hospitality, mixed use, value add commercial, multi-family, and ground up luxury communities for sale or STR or for lease. We are a passion-driven, high-energy boutique firm that curates unique properties with a collaboration of dynamic partnerships. We pride ourselves on closing and developing every property we’ve ever put under contract.
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Our success speaks volumes.
Value of completed pojects.
Years of real-estate development experience.
Successfully completed mid-to-large scale projects.
Value of projects in pre-development.
Our expertise.
We offer comprehensive development consulting and construction management services, leveraging our two decades of expertise to guide our partnerships through every stage of a project. From initial concept ideation to final execution, our team provides strategic insight and actionable recommendations to optimize project success. With a focus on market trends and regulatory requirements, and specializing in subsidations including historic tax credits, we ensure that each venture maximizes returns and fosters long-term sustainability.
Property Management
Our property management operations are to each property's unique needs. We oversee day-to-day operations, leasing, vendors, maintenance, and tenant relations, ensuring optimal asset performance and satisfaction. Our data-driven, proactive approach minimizes risks, maximizes efficiencies, and enhances property values, positioning properties and tenants for long-term success.
Creative Capital Structuring
Orion is founded on creative financing and in today’s economic climate it requires our advanced level of experience to strategically structure debt and equity to fund projects and move to close and completion. We leverage innovative strategies to optimize project funding and maximize returns. With a deep understanding of market dynamics and tax credit programs such as HTC, LIHTC, PACE, NMTC, our team curates the proper capital sources for both debt and equity to create the proper structure that will mitigate risk. By integrating diverse financing options, including equity, debt, and subsidations, we unlock opportunities for growth where other developers may not see the hidden value. Orion's transparent partnerships are positioned to build collaborative relationships and exceed each partners’ expectations.
From building boutique hotels to luxury resorts and ground up luxury SFR and STRs, our extensive experience in hospitality development and financing offers strategic insights ranging from architecture, entitlement, sourcing the proper management firm that properly aligns with each unique property. With market analysis, feasibility studies, and positioning strategies, we empower projects to set new standards of excellence in hospitality development.
With our extensive experience in acquiring a diverse array of property types and deep industry relationships, we identify and evaluate partnership opportunities that align with our objectives and risk profiles. From initial site assessment and financial analysis to negotiation and closing, our team manages every aspect of the process. With comprehensive due diligence we ensure that each acquisition is managed efficiently and perform all necessary research to have the highest level of risk mitigation for each property acquisition.
Completed Projects
Croi | Single-family subdivision built to sell.
Maritimes | Single family home subdivision built to sell.
801 Patterson | Historic renovation with 19 units and retail space.
STR Village | Major hospitality development in New Orleans.
Croi  |  Single-family subdivision built to sell.


Project overview.
Croi Single-family Subdivision
Irish Channel, New Orleans
15 Residential Homes
Built to Sell
New Construction
14 Months Shovel to Sale
$10M Total Acquisition and Development
Maritimes  |  Single family home subdivision built to sell.


Project overview.
Maritimes Single-family Subdivision
Algiers Point, New Orleans
20 Single-family Homes
Built to Sell
New Construction
18 Months Shovel to Sale
$14M Total Acquisition and Development
801 Patterson  |  Historic renovation with 19 units and retail space.

801 Patterson

Project overview.
801 Patterson Mixed-use Building
Algiers Point, New Orleans
19 Units
4,000sf Retail Space
Historic Renovation
4 Short Term Rental Units
$5M Total Acquisition and Development
STR Village  |  Major hospitality development in New Orleans.

STR Village

Project overview.
STR Village
New Orleans
22 Three Story Units
New Construction
Phased Project
$30.2M Total Acquisition & Development Cost
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Our Process.
1. Planning
We’ll assess market trends, conduct thorough feasibility studies, and engage with local communities to ensure alignment with needs and aspirations. Collaborating closely with architects and designers, we conceptualize innovative solutions that exceed the expectations of stakeholders, setting the stage for a transformative project. By establishing project timelines and milestones, we’ll lay the groundwork for efficient execution in the next phase of development.
  • Assessment
  • Community Engagement
  • Collaboration and Design
  • Project Management
2. Financial Structure
Our financial analysis and modeling will determine the optimal capital structure for each project, balancing debt and equity to maximize returns while minimizing risks. Our team will negotiate favorable financing terms with lenders and partners, ensuring the availability of capital and planned returns throughout the project lifecycle. Our commitment to transparency and accountability is reflected in robust controls and reporting, allowing for agile decision-making and proactive risk management.
  • Partner Relationship Building
  • Creative Capital Structuring
  • ROI / NOI Expectations
  • Transparent Financials
3. Development
With a developer partner selected, we’ll oversee all construction activities with a focus on unique designs, quality, timeliness, and budget, leveraging our 20+ years of experience. Through coordination with stakeholders and local permitting, we’ll navigate potential obstacles and ensure smooth project execution, while incorporating sustainable design practices to minimize environmental impact. We remain agile in our approach to development, seizing opportunities to deliver exceptional results.
  • Permitting
  • Construction
  • FF&E
  • Quality Assurance
4. Stabilization and Exit
As each project nears completion, we will implement targeted marketing strategies to maximize revenue, ensuring a smooth transition to operational stability, revenue, and repayment of capital. With an eye on long-term value creation, we optimize ROI performance through efficient management, enhancing cash flow and returns. Our team will evaluate changing market conditions and work to capitalize on value appreciation, ensuring a successful and profitable exit for all partners.
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Revenue and ROI Analysis
  • Repayment of Capital
  • Profitable Exit

Throughout our transparent process, from imagination to stabilization and exit, is a supportive team ensuring optimal success. Our commitment to excellence, maximizes returns, and consistently curates unique properties with a collaboration of creative designs.

Partner With Us
We have a wealth of development opportunities open for partnership. Each project is unique in its location, planning, development, and offering. If you are a LP or GP or looking to place senior debt, please contact us to join our project team.
The Reserve Hotel | Historic luxury nestled in the heart of New Orleans.
Henderson Point Beach Neighborhood | Luxury vacation homes right on the beach.
222 Flagler | Boutique hotel development in Florida.
The Reserve Hotel  |  Historic luxury nestled in the heart of New Orleans.

Reserve Hotel

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Project overview.
The Reserve Hotel
Opportunity Zone
60+ Key Luxury Boutique Hotel
Qualifies for 45% Historic Tax Credits
$33,000,000 A&D Cost
Offering Pref Plus to LPs
Henderson Point Beach Neighborhood  |  Luxury vacation homes right on the beach.

Henderson Point
Beach Neighborhood

Project overview.
Henderson Point Beach
Pass Christian, Mississippi
High-End Vacation Neighborhood
32 6-bed, 6-bath, Luxury Units
New Construction
4 Acres of Beachfront Property
222 Flagler  | Boutique hotel development in Florida.

222 Flagler

Project overview.
222 Flagler
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
28 Key Boutique Hotel
New Construction
Currently in Funding